The People vs. The English Language

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Occasionally (or maybe not so occasionally), I am called out for being a “nag” when it comes to proper word usage. In my former life as a litigator, I became accustomed to pointing out and correcting every instance of improper spelling, grammar, and word usage. Words mean something. Their meanings mean something. Nothing grinds my gears more than the flippant (or even blatant) misuse of a perfectly well-meaning word. Except maybe the overuse of said word. Not everything is “amazing” or “awesome.” The overuse of some words can eventually lead to their degradation. Be honest, when you use the word, “amazing,” do you really mean that something or someone caused you astonishment, great wonder, or surprise? I doubt it. What about “awesome?” Suzy’s new jeans may be very on trend, but do they really “inspire awe?” Words are literally man’s best friend. By the way, I am not using the […]

Content Editing for Dummies

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Content isn’t just an SEO strategy. It establishes your brand’s voice and proves you’re an authority. If your content is well-written and engaging, your audience will keep coming back for more. To be effectively engaging, your digital content needs to be well-written. Well-written content is ultimately well-edited content. It should be clear, concise, and to the point. Spellcheck simply can’t replace the human touch. If you’re going to make a good first impression, your work needs to be polished and professional — every time. If your goal is compelling content, consider these four tips the next time you put pen to paper (or fingers to keys): 1. Remember Your Message A lot of writers lose sight of their point midway through writing an article. They may slip into a lengthy digression, or somehow end up with content that’s completely off-topic. Ask yourself if every single sentence serves the main point of your article. If one […]

Going Pro: When to Hire a Professional Content Editor

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Almost everyone can benefit from the services of a content editor. Having a skilled editor read over, correct, and improve your writing is especially important whenever you need to project an image of professionalism and competence. Error-free writing will also help you gain the respect and trust of your readers and communicate your message in the most effective way. While there is no shame in not being able to write perfect prose, there’s also no excuse for letting your words reflect poorly upon you or your business. Professional copyediting and proofreading services can make a huge difference. So, when should you hire a content editor? When Business Is Booming Whether you’re an entrepreneur whose website serves as the online “face” of a burgeoning brick-and-mortar or a blogger with a rapidly increasing number of followers, your writing can either help take your business to the next level, or hold it hostage. Concise and compelling writing can […]

The Case For Content Editing

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As all [good] content editors know, the concise prose you find when you read a published piece didn’t get that way on the first try. Writing is a process, and often, a first draft may convey great ideas and raw insight, but it’s very rare that a first draft is perfect. Almost every piece of writing needs an editor to take it from a rough draft to a final, polished article, ready for publication. Here are a few ways you can ensure your writing is up to par: Define the Narrative Is there a clear story being told or does the writing tend to veer off in different directions? When examining a piece of writing, you want to be able to trace a clear narrative from beginning to end. If you are having trouble crafting an airtight narrative, it may be a good time to hire a content editor. A content editor will check to see […]

Bad Grammar and Typos Cost Real Estate Agents Money

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Any good real estate agent knows the importance of writing not only correct, but compelling listings. Written errors do not only cause confusion between agents and potential buyers, they give a bad impression overall. While browsing listings, homebuyers expect to be able to get all the information they need at just a glance and will soon skip over any that are difficult to decipher. Furthermore, grammatical errors and dubious word choices give buyers the message that you as an agent either do not know how, or do not care enough, to write correctly. Top professionals in real estate (and certainly all industries) care enough to hire editors to proofread and perfect their writing before displaying it for potential customers to see. The most compelling reason to do so? Their bottom line. According to a Wall Street Journal article, real estate listings written in full, error-free sentences result in faster sales […]